What are the steps to follow to start receiving orders from "Buy on Google" in PrestaShop?

Here are the different configuration steps that will allow you to link your PrestaShop store to our "Merchant Center with Actions" service in order to receive orders placed on Google directly in your PrestaShop back office and process them very simply, in the same way as orders placed on your own site.


1/ Creation of a "Merchant Center with Actions" account

Go to the "Buy on Google" tab of your module:



Click on the "Create an account" button and register:




Go to your inbox to click in the e-mail we just sent you to verify your e-mail address :




You are then automatically redirected to a new tab in your browser, in the interface of our "Merchant Center with Actions" service.


2/ Subscription

Before you can subscribe, you must fill out your user information. Once this is done, click on "Update" :



Click on the "Subscribe" button:



The payment method "Credit card" is selected by default, but you can also choose "SEPA Direct Debit". Simply click on the payment method you want to use:



Then choose a name for your subscription (e.g. the name of your shop). This name will appear in the dashboard and on your invoices. You will be able to change it later.



Read the text on a yellow background and then click on "Subscribe" at the bottom of the page.

Finalize your payment.

In order to validate your subscription you must now sign the associated contract. You should have received a code by e-mail that you will need to enter to sign the contract.

Once you have read the contract, scroll down to the bottom, check the box that certifies that you have read, understood and accepted its terms and conditions, fill in the verification code and click on "Sign":



Your subscription is now validated.


3/ Google Merchant Center PRO module's latest version downloading

Now go to the "User profile" tab in the top menu:



Check that you have the latest version of the Google Merchant Center Pro module and if not, download it by clicking on the green "Download" button.


4/ Connection of your shop with the "Merchant Center with Actions" service

Go to the "Buy on Google" tab of your PRO module to link your PrestaShop to the "Merchant Center with Actions" service.

Click on "I already have an account":



and on "Link my subscription":



Select your subscription and click to authorize the connection:



Your shop is now linked to the "Merchant Center with Actions" service through your subscription.


5/ Connection of your shop with the Google's API

Fill in your Merchant Center ID and indicate the group in which you want to register customers ordering via the "Buy on Google" service:



Configure the "Carriers management" part by following this FAQ.

For example:



Once it's done, click on "Save" to display the rest of the configuration.

In order to be able to manage orders from "Buy on Google" directly through your PrestaShop back office, you have now to connect your shop with Google's API. To do so, click on the "Connect your shop with Google API" button:



Select the same Google Account that you use to manage your Google Merchant Center account. For example:



Click on "Allow" to grant our app permission to connect your PrestaShop store to Google's services via its API:



Confirm your permission:



You are then redirected to the module configuration.


6/ Service's integration tests

Now that your shop is connected with the Google's API, all you have to do is perform integration tests to verify that the exchanges between the "Buy on Google" service and your shop are working properly. To do so, please visit this FAQ.


7/ Additional options

Once your tests done, return to the "Buy on Google" tab of the module to configure the following additional options:

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