Can I create a carrier to be used only for customers who order through "Buy on Google"?

If, for your orders placed from "Buy on Google", you want to apply different shipping costs from those applied for orders placed on your site, this is possible.


To do this, follow the procedure below:

Set up your delivery service for "Buy on Google" orders directly in your Google Merchant Center account by following this guide.

In your PrestaShop back-office, create a customer group that will be assigned to all customers coming from the "Buy on Google" marketplace. Name it as you want, for example "Buy on Google":



In the "Buy on Google" tab of the module, select this customer group for the "Buy on Google customer group" option and save. All your new customers coming from the "Buy on Google" marketplace will then be added to this group.



Still in your PrestaShop back-office, now create a carrier with the same pricing rules as those indicated for your "Buy on Google" delivery service configured on Google Merchant Center. Associate this carrier only with the group of customers coming from the Google's marketplace. Do not forget to activate this carrier:



In the "Buy on Google" tab of the module, select this carrier for the "Carrier for "Buy on Google" orders" and save:



When an order from the "Buy on Google" marketplace is synchronized on your shop, it's this carrier and therefore the associated shipping fees that will be applied in order to match the order amount on your PrestaShop back-office to the amount paid by the customer on Google.

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