How to specify the percentage of the stock of my products reserved for sale on Google?

For each product, you can limit the number of items available for sale on Google.

By default, the number of items available for sale on the "Buy on Google" marketplace, for each product, corresponds to 100% of the stock of the product. However, you can reduce this quantity. Google will take this value into account and decrement it with each item sold.

To allocate only a certain portion of the stock of your products for sale on Google, go to the "Buy on Google" tab of the module and scroll down to the "Allocation of product stock for sale on Buy on Google" section. In the option field, indicate the percentage of stock of each product that you want to reserve for sale on Google. Don't forget to save.

Example: if you want only 50% of the stock of each product to be reserved for sale on Google, enter "50" :



To know more about the "sell on Google quantity" tag, click here.

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